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Manual zz. Le kit buse rotative permet une plus grande puissance de lavage.

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Voir tableau I. Mettre le dispositif de mise en marche en pos. Attention — danger! Pendant le fonctionnement, ne pas couvrir les grilles de ventilation. Enlever la fiche de la prise. Sur les surfaces verticales, partir du bas vers le haut. The appliance you have purchased is a technologically advanced product designed by one of the leading European manufacturers of high pressure pumps. To obtain the best performance from your unit, read this booklet carefully and follow the instructions each time you use it.

We congratulate you on your choice and wish you successful operation. Models supplied without plug must be installed by qualified staff. Use only authorized electrical extension leads with suitable conductor gauge. According to EN BA , the appliance may only be connected to the mains drinking water supply if a backflow preventer valve with drain facility is installed in the supply hose.

Units without plates must NOT be used as they are unidentifiable and potentially dangerous. Do not use the rotating nozzle kit, and always keep the jet at a distance of at least 30 cm during cleaning. If the appliance is sold, the Seller must pass on this manual to the new owner along with the appliance. The supply package is illustrated in fig. The assembly sequence is illustrated in fig. The introduction of inflammable, explosive and toxic liquids into the appliance is prohibited.

Use of the appliance in a potentially inflammable or explosive atmosphere is forbidden. The use of non-original spare parts and any other spare parts not specifically intended for the model in question is prohibited. All modifications to the appliance are prohibited.

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Any modifications made to the appliance shall render the Declaration of Conformity null and void and relieve the manufacturer of all liability under civil and criminal law. Electrical connection Caution - Danger!

Check that the electrical supply voltage and frequency V-Hz correspond to those specified on the appliance data plate fig. The appliance should only be connected to a mains power supply equipped with an adequate earth connection and a differential security breaker 30 mA to cut off the electricity supply in the instance of a short circuit.


Assembling the rotating nozzle For models with this feature The rotating nozzle kit delivers greater washing power. However, the rotating nozzle kit delivers greater washing power due to the rotation of the water jet. This appliance has been designed for individual use for the cleaning of vehicles, machines, boats, masonry, etc, to remove stubborn dirt using clean water and biodegradable chemical detergents.

Vehicle engines may be washed only if the dirty water is disposed of as per regulations in force. E3 symbol — Indicates that the appliance is intended for non-professional domestic use.

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Nozzle cleaning tool Rotating nozzle kit Handle Brush on models with this feature Hose reel on models with this feature Do not tamper with or adjust the safety valve setting. The safety valve is also a pressure limiting valve. When the gun trigger is released, the valve opens and the water recirculates through the pump inlet. Safety signs Comply with the instructions provided by the safety signs fitted to the appliance. Check that they are present and legible; otherwise, fit replacements in the original positions.

E1 sign — Indicates that the appliance must not be disposed of as municipal waste; it may be handed in to the dealer on purchase of a new appliance. Accessories Caution - Danger!

Disposing of packaging The packaging materials are not environmental pollutants but must still be recycled or disposed of in compliance with the relevant legislation in the country of use. The cross-section of the extension cable should be proportionate to its length; the longer it is, the greater its cross-section should be.

See table I. Only clean or filtered water should be used for intake. The delivery of the water intake tap should be equal to that of pump capacity. Place the appliance as close to the water supply system as possible.

EN 14 English Use of a high pressure hose longer than the one originally supplied with the cleaner, or the use of an additional hose extension, may reduce or completely halt the intake of detergent.

Fill the tank with highly degradable detergent. The pressure is shown on the pressure gauge where fitted. Caution - Danger! During operation the appliance must be positioned as shown in fig. Start-up 1 Turn on the water supply tap fully.

Always disconnect the plug from the power socket before carrying out any work on the appliance. Before starting up the appliance check that the water supply hose is connected properly; use of the appliance without water will damage it; do not cover the ventilation grilles when the appliance is in use. TSS models - In TSS models with automatic delivery flow cut-off system: - when the gun trigger is released the dynamic pressure automatically cuts out the motor see fig.

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To prevent damage to the appliance, do not allow it to operate dry. Remove the plug from the socket. Turn off the water supply tap. Discharge the residual pressure from the gun until all the water has come out of the nozzle.

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To wash out the tank, use clean water instead of the detergent. Recommended cleaning procedure Dissolve dirt by applying the detergent mixed with water to the surface while still dry.

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When dealing with vertical surfaces work from the bottom upwards. Leave the detergent to act for minutes but do not allow the surface to dry. Starting from the bottom, use the high pressure jet at a minimum distance of 30 cm. Do not allow the rinse water to run onto unwashed surfaces. In some cases, scrubbing with brushes is needed to remove dirt. High pressure is not always the best solution for good washing results, since it may damage some surfaces.

The finest adjustable nozzle jet setting or the rotating nozzle should not be used on delicate or painted parts, or on pressurised components e. Effective washing depends on both the pressure and volume of the water used, to the same degree. Cleaning the nozzle 1 Disconnect the lance from the nozzle. To unjam the motor, turn the drive shaft with a tool M.

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  • Put the appliance in a dry place, protected from frost. Switch the appliance back on again.

    If the problem recurs more than once, contact your nearest Authorized Service Centre. Der Lieferumfang ist in Abb. Das Sicherheitsventil ist auch ein Druckbegrenzungsventil.

    Siehe Tabelle I. Nur gefiltertes oder sauberes Wasser ansaugen. Zum Waschen des Tanks sauberes Wasser anstelle des Reinigungsmittels verwenden. Einstellung der Reinigungsmittelmenge wo vorgesehen 6. Der Druck wird auf dem Manometer angezeigt falls vorhanden. Achtung - Gefahr! Den Netzstecker aus der Steckdose ziehen. Druck Leistung Zulauftemperatur Max. Per ottenere il meglio delle prestazioni, abbiamo compilato queste righe che Vi chiediamo di leggere attentamente, ed osservarle ogni volta che la utilizzerete.

    Ci complimentiamo per la Vs. Utilizzare solo prolunghe elettriche autorizzate e con sezione di conduzione appropriata. Le macchine sprovviste di targhetta NON devono essere usate, essendo anonime e potenzialmente pericolose.

    Verificare che siano sempre presenti e leggibili; in caso contrario sostituirle applicandole nella posizione originale. Le parti elettriche ed elettroniche costituenti la macchina non devono essere riutilizzate per usi impropri per la presenza di sostanze dannose alla salute.

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  • Per la sequenza di montaggio vedere fig. Il kit ugello rotante permette di erogare una maggiore potenza di lavaggio. Vedi tabella I. Utensile pulizia testina Kit ugello rotante Manico Spazzola dove previsto Avvolgitubo dove previsto Non manomettere o variare la taratura della valvola di sicurezza. Smaltimento degli imballi Simbologia Accessori Attenzione - pericolo!

    Il rubinetto di prelievo acqua deve garantire una erogazione pari alla portata della pompa. Mettere la testina regolabile E in posizione " " per erogare il detergente alla corretta pressione dove previsto.

    Mettere il dispositivo di avviamento in pos. Attenzione - pericolo! La macchina deve funzionare appoggiata su di un piano sicuro e stabile, posizionata come indicato in fig.